Welcome to Grassroots Presbyterians, an advocate for an honest subscription to Biblical standards, God honoring worship, historic Christian doctrine, and true Presbyterian polity.  Grassroots Presbyterians seek to restore a faithful Reformed witness of the Christian faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the PCA.


The mission of Grassroots Presbyterians is to preserve reformed Christianity for the next generation; to contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints; to protect grassroots, decentralized Presbyterianism at all levels of church courts; and, to promote the purity of the reformed faith in the PCA.

In light of this mission, this site is intended for ordained PCA officers (teaching elders, ruling elders, and deacons), candidates, and licentiates to discuss and share both the content and the method of bringing about biblical and confessional reform within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). If you are comfortable with Revoice, women on denominational committees, deaconesses, top-down “Presbyterianism,” or the activities of Faith for justice, or any other of the various incarnations of progressivism, this is not the site for you.


Zachary Groff’s – #203 – Faith & Practice #51

In this important edition of “Faith & Practice,” Dr. Pipa handles questions concerning the relationship between faith and reason, the denominational health of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), overtures facing the 47th PCA GA, biblical sexual ethics, whether to remain in or exit the PCA, and covenantal voting in the Reformed Church in the …